Sunnis Killed by Security Forces in Anbar; 134 Killed across Iraq

The U.S. military is gathering intelligence before it decides whether ground troops are needed to retake Mosul.

Shi’ite militias have been successful in their fight against Islamic State militants, but it may come at a cost that will destroy Iraq.

At least 134 people were killed today and 133 more were wounded. Two Sunnis may have been killed in an extrajudicial execution in Anbar, while bombers staged three successful bombings in Baghdad.

In Ramadi, two Sunnis were executed at the Anbar Operations Command after being stopped at a checkpoint; an investigation has been opened. Separately, five militants were killed. Seven more militants were killed in another attack.

In Baghdad, two suicide bombers struck at a Baghdad al-Jadida restaurant, killing 30 and wounding 66 more.Eleven people were killed and 26 were wounded by a blast at the Shorja market. A bomb at an Abu Dsheer market killed four and wounded 15 more.

Sixteen people were burned to death in Mosul after refusing to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State militants.

A blast in Tarmiya killed three soldiers.

One person was killed and six were wounded in a mortar attack on Khabat.

Clashes in Hawija left 16 militants dead. Militants executed eleven of their own men.

Sixteen militants were killed in Baiji.

Coalition airstrikes left 13 militants dead and 20 wounded in Hit.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.