Uniformed Gunmen Attack Polling Center in Iraq; 29 Killed, 61 Wounded

Gunmen wearing military uniforms attacked a polling station near Kirkuk. That and other violence left 29 dead and 61 wounded across the country.

In Anbar:

In Falluja, shelling left five dead, including children, and 10 wounded. Violent clashes took place. A school was blown up, but no casualties were reported.

Five people were wounded by a blast in a sports hall in Khalidiya.

Security forces killed an al-Qaeda leader near the border.


Ten Iraqis were killed and six more were wounded when gunmen, wearing military uniforms, attacked an election station in Duquq.

In Mosul, two bombs wounded 14 SWAT members. A roadside bomb killed a policeman and wounded five more. The body of a kidnapping victim was found. Two men were killed when the bomb that they were planting exploded.

Four civilians were killed and nine more were wounded when a bomb blew up at a popular market in Mahmoudiya. Two people were wounded when a sound bomb was thrown at a political gathering.

In Balad, a bomb on a farm killed three farmers.

Gunmen killed a civilian in Tarmiya.

A policeman was gunned down in Qadisiya.

A bomb wounded six soldiers on a highway near Jalawla.

A bomb in Udhaim wounded four government workers.

A bomb at a checkpoint near Samarra caused massive destruction, but the number of casualties was not released

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.