Bombers, Clashes Leave 105 Dead, 127 Hurt Across Iraq

At least 105 people were killed and 127 more were wounded today when bombers struck deep into the Shi’ite south again. Baghdad also suffered from multiple bombing attacks. The now usual violence also occurred in Anbar and in the north.

In Anbar:

A battle in al-Jazira left nine militants dead and seven more wounded.

In Ramadi, a clash left six militants dead. Two police stations were blown up, but the number of casualties is unknown.

In Falluja, artillery fire killed two civilians and wounded five more. Six militants were killed.

Clashes took place in al-Siger. Fifteen militants were killed.

Five militants were killed and eight more were wounded in Anbar.


In Baghdad, a bomb killed two people and wounded nine more in the Shabb neighborhood. Three people were killed and 13 more were wounded when a suicide bomber struck a commercial area in Karrada. A roadside bomb in Shoala wounded five people.

A bomb in Sadr City killed five people and wounded 14 more.

A suicide car bomber killed 13 people and wounded 35 more, when he attacked a Suwayra police checkpoint. Civilians were among the dead.

A suicide car bomber at an army checkpoint in Madaen killed five people and wounded 12 more, including civilians and security personnel.

A clash at a Shirqat checkpoint left one soldier and five gunmen dead.

A bomb in Qadisiya killed a teacher and wounded four civilians.

A roadside bomb in Meshahda killed one soldier and wounded three more.

Gunmen killed one civilian and wounded two more in Latifiya.

A Sahwa member was shot dead in Baquba.

Gunmen in Hamrin killed a taxi driver.

A civilian was gunned down in Basra.

A dumped body was found in the Tigris River near Baiji.

A roadside bomb wounded three farmers in Udhaim.

Near Kirkuk, gunmen wounded a Kurdish Asayesh agent.

An I.E.D. wounded two farmers in Dujail.

Six militants were killed during a clash on a highway linking Amiriyat al-Fallujah with Jurf al-Sakhar. A Saudi national who was also a militant leader was among them. This is a border area between Babel and Anbar provinces.

Nine militants were killed in Dwalibah.

In Mosul, a suicide bomber killed one soldier and wounded two more. Gunmen killed a soldier and wounded another at a checkpoint.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.