Iraq Bloodbath: 54 Killed, 237 Wounded in Attacks against Shi’ite Pilgrims and Security Forces

Although the climax of Ashoura observances quietly occurred over last weekend, insurgents targeted pilgrims today in Karbala and Hilla. At least 54 people were killed and 237 more were wounded in those attacks and others across the country. It is the second day of significant, possibly coordinated attacks this week.

At least 33 people were killed at a restaurant serving Shi’ite pilgrims in Hilla. One bomb targeted the civilians. Then, a second bomb exploded after first responders arrived. The second one arrived via a car that apparnetly tailed an ambulance speeding to the restaurant. Another 166 people were wounded. The casualties were listed at a local hospital and confirmed by a Babel councilmember. Children and medics were among the fatalities.

A bomb at the gates to Karbala killed eight civilians and wounded 22 others, many of them police.

A suicide bomber in Falluja killed three policemen and wounded 11 more, when he drove into their checkpoint. Another car bomb left two civilians dead and five more wounded when it exploded near a checkpoint.

In Mosul, a bomb killed a policeman and a civilian; five more were wounded. A policeman was shot to death.

A bomb killed two people and wounded 11 more in Basmaiyah.

One person was killed and six more were wounded when a bomb targeting police exploded in Balad Ruz.

A bomb in Taji left one dead and seven wounded.

A roadside bomb wounded three policemen near Essaouira.

In Mahaweel, gunmen wounded a young man.

Gunmen blew up two homes in Kirkuk. One belonged to a doctor, the other to a businessman.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.