Tuesday: 47 Iraqis Killed, 59 Wounded

Updated at 3:25 p.m. EDT, July 5, 2011 At least 47 Iraqis were killed and 59 were wounded in the latest round of attacks. The worst occurred just north of Baghdad in Taji. Meanwhile, 100 lawmakers signed a petition demanding the withdrawal of U.S. troops on schedule at the end of the year.

Monday: 16 Iraqis Killed, 43 Wounded

Updated at 10:47 p.m. EDT, March 15, 2010 Attacks in Sunni areas of Iraq and in Mosul overshadowed election news. At least 16 Iraqis were killed and 43 more were wounded across the country. Meanwhile, the U.S. prison in Taji and its 2,900 Iraqi detainees were handed over to Iraqi authorities. Also, a Shi’ite group that held a British hostage for over two years denied any claims of abuse.