Obama Throws Palestine Under the Bus

The right-wing government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could not be more pleased. Not only did the allegedly most “anti-Israel” president ever repeat, for the nth time, that “America’s commitment to Israel’s security is unshakeable,” he also made it crystal clear that Washington will veto any Palestinian application to the U.N. Security Council for … Continue reading “Obama Throws Palestine Under the Bus”

Islam-Baiting Doesn’t Work

During the 2010 midterm election campaign, virtually every hard-charging candidate on the far right took a moment to trash a Muslim, a mosque, or Islamic pieties. In the wake of those elections, with 85 new Republican House members and a surging Tea Party movement, the political virtues of anti-Muslim rhetoric as a means of rousing … Continue reading “Islam-Baiting Doesn’t Work”

A New Age of ‘Enlightened’ War

In case you hadn’t noticed, they are—no kidding around—absolutely the niftiest non-humans on Earth. I’m speaking about the special-operations force of Navy SEALs that took out Osama bin Laden. They and their special ops colleagues are “supermen” (ABC News), “X-men” (Jon Stewart), “America’s Jedi Knights” (the New York Times), and that’s just to pick the … Continue reading “A New Age of ‘Enlightened’ War”

The Partisan Temptation

It always seems like the presidential horse race starts earlier than in the previous election season: no sooner is our quadrennial agony over then the pundits start placing their bets on a fresh crop of colts, calculating the odds. This sped-up process is due to the degeneration of our old Republic into an Empire in … Continue reading “The Partisan Temptation”

A Political Black Hole

Just to die of envy. How the British manage to do these things! What a democracy! What dignity! Elections within a month. A new coalition within five days. A change of government within 70 minutes. A visit to the queen. The departing prime minister takes his wife and two small children, leaves the prime minister’s … Continue reading “A Political Black Hole”

Populism, Left and Right

The rise of an often militant right-wing populist movement – the tea partiers, the Ron Paulistas, the tenth amendment restorationists and the regionalists – has the powers-that-be in a tizzy. On the "progressive" left, we have Rachel Maddow sounding the alarm about hordes of armed militia types supposedly marching on Washington, in a populist version … Continue reading “Populism, Left and Right”