Joining the Whistleblowers’ Club

The world can be a luckless place, but every now and then serendipity just knocks you off a cliff. In what passed for my real life before TomDispatch intervened, I was (and remain, on a part-time basis) a book editor in mainstream publishing. The “slush pile” in a publishing house is normally the equivalent of … Continue reading “Joining the Whistleblowers’ Club”

Diplomat: I Helped Lose Hearts and Minds in Iraq

Peter Van Buren is not your typical American bureaucrat. As a foreign service officer with the U.S. State Department, he does not put his head down, he does not keep his mouth closed, and he doesn’t put his 23-year career in front of the good of the country. He doesn’t even know how long it … Continue reading “Diplomat: I Helped Lose Hearts and Minds in Iraq”