If the Government Does It, It’s Legal

Indefinite detention of the innocent and guilty alike, without any hope of charges, trial, or release: this is now the American way.  Most Americans, however, may not care to take that in, not even when the indefinitely detained go on a hunger strike.  That act has certainly gotten Washington’s and the media’s collective attention.  After all, could there … Continue reading “If the Government Does It, It’s Legal”

JAG Officer: Indefinite Detention ‘Defies Common Sense’

U.S. President Barack Obama’s decision to detain 47 of the just-under 200 remaining prisoners at Guantánamo without trial indefinitely is drawing scorn from legal experts and human rights advocates, who charge that the government simply does not have enough evidence to convict the detainees it says cannot be tried but are "too dangerous to release." … Continue reading “JAG Officer: Indefinite Detention ‘Defies Common Sense’”

Free the Guantánamo Uighurs!

On Friday, court-watchers received some deeply depressing news – 33 pages of unconstitutional hogwash directed at the Supreme Court by President Obama’s Justice Department [.pdf], in which no stone of dubious legality was left unturned in the administration’s desperate and unprincipled attempts to mimic its predecessors by preventing 17 Uighurs at Guantánamo from being resettled … Continue reading “Free the Guantánamo Uighurs!”