Saturday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded

Updated at 8:58 p.m. EDT, June 6, 2009

At least 10 Iraqis were killed and 19 more were wounded in the latest violence. No Coalition deaths were reported, but five U.S. contractors were detained in connection with the death of a colleague.

Three Iraqis were killed during a bombing Fallujah. One victim was the brother of an Awakening Council (Sahwa) leader. Last night, a bomb blasted a U.S. patrol but no casualties were reported.

Three policemen were wounded in Garma, when gunmen attacked their checkpoint. A bomb blast killed one policeman and wounded four others.

In Saidiya, two people were killed and two others were wounded in a bomb blast. Separately, four men suspected of ties to Jaish al Islam (Army of Islam) were detained.

A bomb in Hawija wounded four people, including three Sahwa members.

In Baghdad, a roadside bomb killed one civilian and wounded two others near the Muthanna Bridge.

A bomb blast killed a man and wounded his wife in Suwayra.

The Anbar province police chief and two patrolmen were wounded during a suicide blast in Ramadi. A bodyguard was later reported killed.

A roadside bomb blast in Kirkuk left no casualties.

The Iraqi Interior Minister is looking into allegations of human rights abuses in Diwaniya jails.

Six suspects were captured in Basra. Ammunition was confiscated.

Detainees in Amara are on a hunger strike. They want officials to review their cases. Also, 99 mortar shells were discovered along with other munitions.

Turkey increased its troop presence near the Iraqi border ahead of a Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) crackdown. The PKK recently offered Turkey a truce and chance for dialogue.

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Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.