Goldstone’s Rethink

Israeli leaders have barely hidden their jubilation at an opinion article in last Friday’s Washington Post by the South African jurist Richard Goldstone reconsidering the findings of his United Nations-appointed inquiry into Israel’s attack on Gaza in winter 2008. For the past 18 months the Goldstone Report had forced Israel on to the defensive by … Continue reading “Goldstone’s Rethink”

Chomsky the Latest Jewish Thinker Targeted by Israel

RAMALLAH – When internationally renowned linguist, philosopher, and political analyst Noam Chomsky was barred from entering the West Bank, he joined a chorus of Jewish intellectuals savaged by the Israeli government for outspoken criticism. Chomsky, a strong proponent of Palestinian rights, tried to cross into the occupied Palestinian West Bank from Jordan on Sunday to … Continue reading “Chomsky the Latest Jewish Thinker Targeted by Israel”