Memo: ‘Terror’ Election Barring Voters Could Stand

A recently unearthed government memorandum prepared for the U.S. Congress addresses the power of the administration to postpone elections. But more notably, it reviews actions the executive branch might take that could preclude large numbers of Americans from casting a ballot in the coming presidential vote. The memorandum highlights that should such disenfranchisement occur, the … Continue reading “Memo: ‘Terror’ Election Barring Voters Could Stand”

U.S. Sees al-Qaeda Everywhere

In an apparent attempt to downplay the internal Iraqi dynamics sparking ongoing attacks, the Bush administration has been blaming al-Qaeda for much of the violence. Key in this effort has been the portrayal of the ultra-orthodox Kurdish group Ansar al Islam and its alleged leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The Bush administration and some of its … Continue reading “U.S. Sees al-Qaeda Everywhere”