John Stuart Mill and Liberal Imperialism

In my last column, I told some of the story of Cold War liberalism. Today, I want to look at a similar phenomenon, one which might be considered a forerunner of Cold War liberalism. That phenomenon is liberal imperialism. The fact that there is such an historical category already suggests that “liberalism” was, from a … Continue reading “John Stuart Mill and Liberal Imperialism”

Empire in the Balkans: Hypocrisy Rampant

Next to the ever-present irony and all-pervading lies, hypocrisy is a major fixture of the Balkans nowadays. Besides the usual discrepancy between words and deeds common to politics, there is also a frequent discrepancy between words themselves, a sure sign that those who speak them have as much commitment to principles as a windsock.Like Master, … Continue reading “Empire in the Balkans: Hypocrisy Rampant”

Behind Enemy Lines: Fact or Fiction?

  Behind Enemy Lines:Fact or Fiction? by Stella L. Jatras 5/14/02 Behind Enemy Lines is being released on VHS and DVD by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment after an unsuccessful box office showing and less than favorable reviews.  The war film was released two months earlier than scheduled in theaters throughout the country in order … Continue reading “Behind Enemy Lines: Fact or Fiction?”

U.S. Wades Into More Imperial Outposts

U.S. Wades Into More Imperial OutpostsWell, let’s see. The Brits have declared "Operation Snipe" (if nothing else you have to acknowledge a certain understated Brit sense of humor there), the latest two-week effort to round up al Qaida remnants, to be successfully completed. From the news reports there’s little evidence that the operation accomplished much … Continue reading “U.S. Wades Into More Imperial Outposts”

Gibraltar: It’s Ours, and We’re Keeping It

If justice were a more common habit, then Jack Straw would have been lynched on his recent visit to Gibraltar. The Foreign Secretary would have been left dangling from the end of one of the colony’s ornate lampposts, Barbary Apes gleefully swinging from his lifeless limbs, with some one iconic image winging its way round … Continue reading “Gibraltar: It’s Ours, and We’re Keeping It”