Pacifist, Passive or Realistic?

Interesting. I got more nasty comments about last week’s piece about the un-American way the government has wanted to treat accused terrorists like Jose Padillla or whatever it is that he wants to call himself. I started to do a collective response, but it grew, so here’s more than you might want to digest on … Continue reading “Pacifist, Passive or Realistic?”

Democratic Destruction

Hardly a day goes by in the southwestern corner of Europe without local authorities and their foreign minders repeating their worn platitudes about the importance of democracy and social engineering, and the need for more of both. Yet the lives of the people they are supposed to be serving and protecting continue to get progressively … Continue reading “Democratic Destruction”

A Much Admired Country

After the Heritage Foundation gave Lady Thatcher their Clare Boothe Luce award – presented by Vice President Cheney – the Iron Lady defied doctor’s orders, and made a little speech. She warned us that we face the ‘twin headed monster’ of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, and moreover she praised her successor, as Prime … Continue reading “A Much Admired Country”

A Slight Detour on the Road to a Police State

It is rare that we get anything even resembling good news on the ongoing effects on American liberties of the undeclared and amorphous but still useful (to some) war on terror. And in fact this is not unalloyed good news. Still, it’s worth noting and issuing a modest cheer or two. Last week U.S. District … Continue reading “A Slight Detour on the Road to a Police State”

The Israelization of America

US officials recently announced the somewhat jarring news that Israeli security forces will be training American soldiers in the techniques of urban warfare. Apparently Israel’s illegal thirty-five year occupation of Palestine has enabled it to perfect tactics that our troops will need in a ‘possible’ war on Iraq. Most informed Americans will receive this news … Continue reading “The Israelization of America”

I Want My Country Back

Thoughts on the American empire … Is It an Empire? Whenever I say that America has become an empire, someone is sure to say I’m being ridiculous. But what do you call a government that has tried (usually successfully) to force "regime changes" in Panama, Grenada, South Vietnam, Cuba, Guatemala, Chile, Rhodesia, South Africa, Iraq … Continue reading “I Want My Country Back”


National Review Online recently posted "Ten Questions for Adel al-Jubeir," yet another rant by Stephen Schwartz, the Michael Ruppert of the Right, who claims that the Saudi government was really behind the 9/11 attacks. It is the usual fare from the neocons’ resident Saudi-phobe, a weird mixture of smears and unintentional humor. For example, Schwartz … Continue reading “PORTRAIT OF A WAR BIRD”