Bosnia’s Founding Stepfather

To End A War, by Richard Holbrooke New York, Random House, June 1998, 432 pages (hardcover) Few things have been as grossly misunderstood as the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina, commonly known by its birthplace as "Dayton." Agreed at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base outside Dayton, Ohio and initialed in Paris, France on … Continue reading “Bosnia’s Founding Stepfather”

Who\’s Scared of Euroland?

Changing Conservatives In opposition the Tory party is a marvelous beast. All those principles which, when in power, we sacrificed in favour of what seemed like the \’sensible\’ policies required for governing, well see how we love them now. Adamantine we are in our defence of the Union, or against European encroachments on British sovereignty, … Continue reading “Who\’s Scared of Euroland?”

Classic Raimondo: Decline and Fall

2’s column will return Wednesday. Here is a classic column from last year.The two premier magazines of foreign affairs recently featured articles with diametrically opposed themes on a much-discussed topic: is the US Empire on the rise, or in decline? In Foreign Affairs, flagship journal of the New World Order crowd, Stephen G. Brooks and … Continue reading “Classic Raimondo: Decline and Fall”

The Folly That Is Europe

Next month’s summit meeting of European Union leaders in Thessalonica has prompted increasing speculation about the future role of the Brussels bureaucratic behemoth in Balkans affairs. The Empire is preoccupied with reshaping the Middle East – though if its Balkans “successes” are anything to go by, that’s another developing disaster. Russia has pulled out, daunted … Continue reading “The Folly That Is Europe”

Outing the Neocons

Why are the neocons writing long screeds trying to disprove their own existence? Poor Jonah Goldberg is faced with an impossible task. He wants his readers to forget the history of their own movement, ignore the enormous literature documenting the neoconservative odyssey from left to right, and pretend that the doctrine of perpetual preemptive war … Continue reading “Outing the Neocons”