Gameplanning: Team AIPAC’s 2002 Season

A couple of interesting tidbits appear on the "new this week" section on the website of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee: "Take Action! Urge Bush to Approve $200 Million to Israel… A $29 billion homeland security bill that recently passed in Congress with strong bi-partisan support includes $200 million in anti-terror aid for Israel. … Continue reading “Gameplanning: Team AIPAC’s 2002 Season”

Invasion Complications

Although the Senate hearings on a possible American attack on Iraq were generally disappointing, an inclination to ask questions does seem to have surfaced as the possibility of such a war becomes more imminent. Certainly the comments from House Majority Leader Dick Armey about the inadvisability of attacking a country without a substantial justification for … Continue reading “Invasion Complications”

Liberventionism III: The Flight from History

There have been complaints that I have not named the “liberventionists.” I do not see the necessity for this, since I assume that readers of this website read widely. For the record, however, let us stipulate that liberventionists include at least the following: many Objectivists, the CATO Institute, several self-named “anarchists” writing on the web, … Continue reading “Liberventionism III: The Flight from History”


Just as the news that the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Advisory Board had declared Saudi Arabia “the kernel of evil” was rolling into Washington, and roiling US relations with the Kingdom, another far less-noticed item off the Dow-Jones Newswire was putting the whole brouhaha in its proper context:“The fate of $25 billion in foreign investment into … Continue reading “GOING AFTER THE SAUDIS”

Will Congress Debate War with Iraq?

The Senate Foreign Relations committee spent much of last week hearing testimony about Iraq. A second U.S. invasion of Iraq seems a foregone conclusion, as the testimony focused not on the wisdom of such an invasion, but rather only on how and when it should be done. Never mind that our own State department and … Continue reading “Will Congress Debate War with Iraq?”

U.S. Government Behaving Badly

One expects a certain amount of corner-cutting on both procedures and concern for civil liberties during time of war. That’s one of the main reasons some of us prefer to avoid war when at all possible, because we know that government power will grow and citizen liberty will suffer. War, as Randolph Bourne explained so … Continue reading “U.S. Government Behaving Badly”