When is American foreign policy going to start putting America first? The US had nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by vetoing a UN resolution condemning violence on all sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The resolution condemned terrorism, no matter what the source, called for the creation of a "monitoring mechanism" to prevent violence, … Continue reading “9/11 – WHAT WAS ISRAEL’S ROLE?”

Secret Trials Endanger Security

Why are the Bill of Rights, open trials, the rule of law, and the traditional American rules of evidence important? Two reasons: If an innocent person is convicted and punished, it’s an injustice to that person – and the Founding Fathers were determined that Americans wouldn’t suffer the injustices that had oppressed so many innocent … Continue reading “Secret Trials Endanger Security”


The idea that US foreign policy sowed the seeds of 9/11 is denounced as "anti-Americanism" and "blaming the victim" by our wartime intelligentsia, including such notables as Christopher Hitchens. The acerbic British-born journalist, who juggles columns in the glitzy Vanity Fair and the dowdy Nation, used to be a leftist and is now, whether or … Continue reading “WARMONGERS ON THE LEFT”