Who Are The Real Traitors?

The minority of Americans opposed to the U.S. war in Afghanistan is increasingly being told by the warhawk majority that antiwar sentiment is tantamount to treason. One noteworthy example of this sort of foreboding accusation is being disseminated by the famous conservative pundit, David Horowitz, as was reported recently by Justin Raimondo. Horowitz’s accusation follows … Continue reading “Who Are The Real Traitors?”

Bush’s Coup d’Etat

In 1932 Franklin Roosevelt was elected promising a 25% reduction in the federal budget, an end to deficits, and the restoration of a sound dollar. Within eight years the federal budget tripled, federal debt increased 155%, and the gold standard was repudiated – making the U.S. dollar a fiat currency. Roosevelt’s New Deal transformed America … Continue reading “Bush’s Coup d’Etat”


When is American foreign policy going to start putting America first? The US had nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by vetoing a UN resolution condemning violence on all sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The resolution condemned terrorism, no matter what the source, called for the creation of a "monitoring mechanism" to prevent violence, … Continue reading “9/11 – WHAT WAS ISRAEL’S ROLE?”

Secret Trials Endanger Security

Why are the Bill of Rights, open trials, the rule of law, and the traditional American rules of evidence important? Two reasons: If an innocent person is convicted and punished, it’s an injustice to that person – and the Founding Fathers were determined that Americans wouldn’t suffer the injustices that had oppressed so many innocent … Continue reading “Secret Trials Endanger Security”