Why Is There So Little Popular Protest Against Today’s Threats of Nuclear War?

In recent weeks, the people of the world have been treated to yet another display of the kind of nuclear insanity that has broken out periodically ever since 1945 and the dawn of the nuclear era. On April 11, Donald Trump, irked by North Korea’s continued tests of nuclear weapons and missiles, tweeted that “North […]

Mass Execution near Kirkuk; 58 Killed in Iraq

Militants killed dozens in Hawija for trying to escape the caliphate.

CIA Fights Disclosure of Secret Aid to Israel

On March 30 Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan found it "neither logical nor plausible" for the CIA to claim it had no intelligence budget expenditure data of support to Israel between the years 1990 and 2015. The court then ordered the Department of Justice legal counsel to "meet and confer" about responding to the original Freedom […]

Whither France?

In the post-9/11 world, our attention has been fixated on the Middle East, Afghanistan, and the Arab states in the north of Africa. More recently, North Korea has been added to the mix, as Kim Jong-un’s antics capture the spotlight. And yet the world beyond the Mideast and Eastasia is in turmoil, and the media […]

The Honeymoon of the Generals

Originally posted at TomDispatch. MOAB sounds more like an incestuous, war-torn biblical kingdom than the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, aka "the mother of all bombs." Still, give Donald Trump credit. Only the really, really big bombs, whether North Korean nukes or those 21,600 pounds of MOAB, truly get his attention. He wasn’t even involved […]

US ‘Deep State’ Sold Out Counter-Terrorism To Keep Itself in Business

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman outraged many readers when he wrote an opinion piece on 12 April calling on President Trump to ”back off fighting territorial ISIS in Syria”. The reason he gave for that recommendation was not that US wars in the Middle East are inevitably self-defeating and endless, but that it would […]

Civilians Killed in Mosul Clashes; 180 Killed in Iraq

Security forces say that 90 civilians were killed in clashes.

Turkish Airstrikes Leave Casualties; 77 Killed Across Iraq

A unknown number of people were killed or injured in a Turkish air strike in northern Iraq.

Palestine’s Nelson Mandela

I have a confession to make: I like Marwan Barghouti. I have visited him at his modest Ramallah home several times. During our conversations, we discussed Israeli-Palestinian peace. Our ideas were the same: to create the State of Palestine next to the State of Israel, and to establish peace between the two states, based on […]

Qatari Hostages Freed; 16 Killed in Iraq

A group of hunters who were kidnapped in 2015 were finally released.