Understanding America’s Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?

The Independent Institute VHS, 106 min., $18.95 This forum was sponsored by the Independent Institute and Harper’s magazine in April 2002, almost a year before the Iraq invasion. In a sign of how little has been resolved since, the subject matter remains fresh. David Theroux, founder and president of the Independent Institute, opens the forum … Continue reading “Understanding America’s Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?”

The Contradictions of Liberation

Glenn Reynolds – or rather, one of his farm team all-stars – was kind enough last week to “fisk” an article from this site. Michael Totten: “Pat Buchanan is being an ass again. … “Pitchfork Pat has a new piece up at antiwar.com called What Does America Offer the World?“ Nice to know Michael’s reading. … Continue reading “The Contradictions of Liberation”

A Lack of Alternative Perspectives?

What’s wrong with the mainstream media? “Conservatives” and “liberals” often squeal that the press is biased against their own side, but they’re both wrong. Oh, the press certainly is biased, but the direction of the slant is not left or right, but up, toward more government. Consciously or not, most journalism is statist, always pushing … Continue reading “A Lack of Alternative Perspectives?”

A Confederacy of Dunces

Salam Pax enchanted the warbloggers for two reasons. First, his account of life under Saddam pricked readers’ hearts in a way that American politicians and PR firms never could, thus helping the case for humanitarian intervention. More importantly, Salam is, well, not like the rest of those people. He’s not only well-educated, but an architect, … Continue reading “A Confederacy of Dunces”

Collateral Damage in Bush’s Wars

An interview conducted by “Philip Dru.” Check out his other interviews with prominent libertarians and antiwar personalities. Recorded April 3rd, 2004 WMV format (requires Windows Media Player) MP3 format (download requires any MP3 player)Matthew Barganier writes the column Collateral Damage on Antiwar.com, and teaches Junior High in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.