‘Do You Think He’s Dead, Mom?’

The call came late at night. My youngest child called from college, her trademark perky voice suddenly tense, halting. "I haven’t heard from D. since last Tuesday. When I talked to him, he said he couldn’t say much over the phone anymore, or on e-mail. He sounded strange, like something was wrong, but he wouldn’t … Continue reading “‘Do You Think He’s Dead, Mom?’”

Do You Feel Any Safer?

“Commuters headed to work today under the watchful eyes of police after a newly disclosed terror threat against the New York subway system raised the specter of an attack with explosives concealed in a baby stroller.” (Oct. 7, 2005) “Police with bomb-sniffing dogs interrupted a Rolling Stones show at the University of Virginia Thursday night … Continue reading “Do You Feel Any Safer?”

Angry Mothers and Trembling Grizzlies: The Sheehan Effect

"Sheehan has been involved in protests against Bush since last year. She founded Gold Star Families for Peace…She said she decided to seek another audience with Bush when she heard his comments about the war last week, after a spike in American deaths. The fallen men and women "died in a noble cause," Bush said … Continue reading “Angry Mothers and Trembling Grizzlies: The Sheehan Effect”

Parents: The Anti-Recruiter

“Temptation is not random, nor is it one-size-fits-all. Instead, it will always attach itself to our unique talents and aspirations. One of temptation’s cleverest tricks is to seduce that which is a strength. Our strength can become our downfall because we’re tripped up through the misuse or misdirection of our talents and ambitions.” – Jesus … Continue reading “Parents: The Anti-Recruiter”

Berlusconi and Bush Renew Their Vows

“Now it’s time for the cherry on the cake: have a photo-op with both leaders smiling, preferably in the Oval Office, announcing that their respective nations are firmer friends than ever. The admirable ways in which this tragic incident was handled, with great cooperation on both sides, only strengthens their resolve to stand by one … Continue reading “Berlusconi and Bush Renew Their Vows”

The Devil Made Him Do It

General Sanchez has indeed, to our great non-surprise, been found guilty of authorizing abuses of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, yet marvelously innocent of having anything to do with those unfortunate incidents. Mr. Sanchez has been freed by Mr. Bush’s Pentagon of any responsibility for the brutal and bizarre tortures and killings made possible by the … Continue reading “The Devil Made Him Do It”