The Indispensable Nation?

In two recent speeches, President Obama has repeated the conceit that the United States is “the indispensable nation.” Apparently, that means the U.S. must lead “the free world,” with a none-too-subtle corollary that other “free” nations must follow. Yet the conceit of indispensability gets the US into serious trouble. It facilitates interventionism and meddling, and … Continue reading “The Indispensable Nation?”

Greed-War: The Power and Danger of the Military-Industrial Complex

President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his most powerful speech as he left office in 1961. He warned the American people about an emerging military-industrial complex, a complex that was already beginning to erode democratic rule in America. Originally, Ike had Congress as a collaborator with and enabler of that Complex, but he deleted the reference … Continue reading “Greed-War: The Power and Danger of the Military-Industrial Complex”