Honor Our Children’s Sacrifices

To honor those who have died in Iraq, Democracy Rising interviewed the founder of Gold Star Families for Peace – an organization made up of families who have lost members to the Iraq War. Cindy Sheehan lost her son, Casey, to the war/occupation and founded Gold Star Families for Peace. To learn more about their … Continue reading “Honor Our Children’s Sacrifices”

A Pretext for War

For more than two decades, James Bamford has been a noted investigative journalist focusing on intelligence-gathering in the United States. He exposed the ultra-secret National Security Agency two decades ago in The Puzzle Palace and Body of Secrets, both award-winning bestsellers. He has testified as an expert witness on intelligence issues before committees of both … Continue reading “A Pretext for War”

Is the US Recruiting for the Insurgency?

The U.S. Army has missed its recruiting goals for the last three months. On Friday, May 20 they stopped recruiting to retrain recruiters who were misleading and threatening potential recruits. At the same time the resistance in Iraq is growing. Is the U.S. military more successful in recruiting for the resistance than it is for … Continue reading “Is the US Recruiting for the Insurgency?”

The Court Martial of Kevin Benderman

This Wednesday, May 11, the court-martial of Sgt. Kevin Benderman begins. Sgt. Benderman, who has served in the military for eight years including one tour of duty in Iraq, filed for conscientious objector status after seeing the reality of war in Iraq. He has been denied and now faces court-martial on two counts, desertion with … Continue reading “The Court Martial of Kevin Benderman”

Iraq Vet: End the Occupation Now

The voices of veterans who have served in Iraq is among the most important in convincing the public and government officials that the war in Iraq is wrong and the occupation must be ended. The interview below is with Patrick Resta of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Patrick, who served as a combat medic in … Continue reading “Iraq Vet: End the Occupation Now”

The Time to Oppose the Draft Is Now

In February, the Army missed its recruiting goal for the first time in nearly five years. The Army missed its March goal by 32 percent while the need for soldiers is on the rise. The United States Armed Services have announced a new plan to solve their recruiting problems – convincing parents to get their … Continue reading “The Time to Oppose the Draft Is Now”

‘Progressives’ for Slavery

The inside-the-Beltway debate over the size of the military is about how to increase the number of troops by 100,000, not whether to do so. At a recent debate on the draft sponsored by the Center for American Progress (CAP), the views ranged from reinstating the draft to enhancing economic incentives for enlistment. Rather than … Continue reading “‘Progressives’ for Slavery”

The Battle for America’s Youth

Counter-recruitment has become a key battleground in the effort to stop the war in Iraq and prevent future military adventures by President Bush and a compliant Congress. The U.S. Army admits that it expects to miss its recruiting goals this month and next and is working on a revised sales pitch appealing to the patriotism … Continue reading “The Battle for America’s Youth”

Two Year Anniversary of Iraq War Kicks Off in DC

Demonstrations against the Iraq War scheduled to occur in nearly 600 cities in all 50 states this weekend, kicked off this Thursday across the street from the White House in Washington, DC as representatives of veterans groups and others signed a document pledging to encourage and support soldiers who, of their own conscience, refuse orders … Continue reading “Two Year Anniversary of Iraq War Kicks Off in DC”