The Bombast of Nikki Haley

How Nikki Haley got her job as UN ambassador, and a major foreign policy spokesperson for the Trump administration, is a mystery, at least to me. Her vicious personal attacks on Trump when he was a candidate should’ve ruled her out from the get-go. Where oh where is Trump’s vaunted vindictiveness and alleged “narcissism” when … Continue reading “The Bombast of Nikki Haley”

The Korean Crisis: A Way Out

The latest North Korea nuclear test coincides with leaks from the Trump administration that Washington is demanding renegotiation of the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS), and is preparing to withdraw from it – and therein lies a possible, albeit unintentional, resolution of the crisis on the peninsula. The relationship between South Korea and the United … Continue reading “The Korean Crisis: A Way Out”

Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan

After 16 years of writing about it, I thought I knew a lot about the war in Afghanistan, but Scott Horton’s new book, Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan, showed me how much I didn’t know – and that’s quite a bit. Did you know that the Taliban tried desperately to surrender, … Continue readingFool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan

Trump Derangement Syndrome and the American Left

That the American left is morally and intellectually bankrupt is hardly breaking news, at least to my longtime readers: I reported it way back in 1999, when “leftists” were cheering on the bombing of Serbia. I updated this critique when our vaunted “progressives” attacked Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald for exposing the depredations of the … Continue reading “Trump Derangement Syndrome and the American Left”

In Retrospect, We’re Winning

My regular readers may have noticed that I’ve been absent much more than usual lately: the reason is because I’ve had to deal with increasing health problems, the extent of which I’ve tried to keep from interfering with my writing schedule. However, as much as I’ve attempted to keep up my usual pace, it just … Continue reading “In Retrospect, We’re Winning”

The Mini-Skirt Deception: How McMaster Got His Afghan ‘Surge’

According to reports, Gen. H. R. McMaster convinced President Trump to give up his longstanding opposition to the Afghan war by showing him this photograph, below, of Afghan women in what the media are describing as “miniskirts.” As the Washington Post put it: “One of the ways McMaster tried to persuade Trump to recommit to … Continue reading “The Mini-Skirt Deception: How McMaster Got His Afghan ‘Surge’”

The Revolution Betrayed

The exit of Steve Bannon, the President’s political strategist, from the White House and his return to marks the defeat, if not quite the end, of the “isolationist” America First faction within the Trump administration. It is a victory for what I call the Junta – the coterie of generals who now surround President … Continue reading “The Revolution Betrayed”

‘Russia-gate’ Hoax About To Be Exposed?

There’s an exciting new development in the “Russia-gate” investigation, one that has the potential to blast apart what is arguably the biggest hoax in the history of American politics. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) has met with Julian Assange – the first US congressman to do so – and returned with some spectacular news:. The Hill … Continue reading “‘Russia-gate’ Hoax About To Be Exposed?”

Which Way for the Trump Administration?

It’s decision time at the White House. We’re six months into the Trump administration, and several foreign policy issues have to be resolved. What happens in the next few weeks will likely determine the course Trump will take for the next four years – which is why we’re seeing more reports about the intense internal … Continue reading “Which Way for the Trump Administration?”

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

One of the most gratifying – and, simultaneously, frustrating – aspects of my job is the rapidity with which I’m proven right. Yes, I know how that sounds, and yet it’s true. The latest example is my Friday column, in which I challenged the veracity of reports that North Korea has the capacity to strike … Continue reading “Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You”