Take Your (Tiny) Fingers Off the Button

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Trump’s Nuclear Dreams – Nightmares Past and Present Preventing a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea may be the most pressing challenge facing the world right now. Our childish, ignorant, and incompetent president is shoving all of us – especially the people of Asia – ever nearer to … Continue reading “Take Your (Tiny) Fingers Off the Button”

Teaching Revisionist History 101 at West Point

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, a former businessman who had helped run companies into the ground, he was widely considered ill-prepared for the presidency, out of his depth, a lightweight in a heavyweight world. Still, having won the Republican nomination and then a uniquely contested election, once … Continue reading “Teaching Revisionist History 101 at West Point”

Gitmo’s Living Legacy in the Trump Era

Originally posted at TomDispatch Karen Greenberg first arrived at TomDispatch in January 2005 in tandem with defense attorney Joshua Dratel. Their book The Torture Papers was just being published and they were asking questions. Thirty-seven of them, to be exact, all pointed, all uncomfortable, all directed at then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, all focused on … Continue reading “Gitmo’s Living Legacy in the Trump Era”

How the Military-Industrial Complex Preys on the Troops

Originally posted at TomDispatch. I’m sure you’ve heard about the $65 million. Or was it $86 million? Or was it even more? You know, the funds the Pentagon sunk into that hotshot plane it was preparing for its Afghan drug interdiction program. You haven’t? Well, as Megan Rose reported at ProPublica, with its “electro-optical infra-red … Continue reading “How the Military-Industrial Complex Preys on the Troops”

Autopilot Wars: Sixteen Years, But Who’s Counting?

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Even though the article was buried at the bottom of page eight of the September 28th New York Times, it caught my attention. Its headline: "Russia Destroys Chemical Weapons and Faults U.S. for Not Doing So." In a televised ceremony, wrote reporter Andrew Higgins, Russian President Vladimir Putin "presided over the … Continue reading “Autopilot Wars: Sixteen Years, But Who’s Counting?”

Afghanistan Again? When Will They Ever Learn?

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Last year, an internal report commissioned by the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the agency that oversees Voice of America and other U.S. government-supported foreign news outlets, examined the “perception of U.S. international media in Afghanistan.” This study, obtained by TomDispatch via the Freedom of Information Act, concluded that Afghans saw U.S.-backed … Continue reading “Afghanistan Again? When Will They Ever Learn?”

The Superpower That Fought Itself – and Lost

Originally posted at TomDispatch. After 19 al-Qaeda militants armed only with box-cutters and knives hijacked four American commercial airliners, the U.S. military moved with remarkable efficiency to rectify the problem. In the years since, in its global war on terror, the Pentagon has ensured that America’s enemies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere have regularly … Continue reading “The Superpower That Fought Itself – and Lost”

How the Pentagon Snatched Innovation From the Jaws of Defeat

Originally posted at TomDispatch. In the early 1950s, my father ran a gas station on Governors Island, a military base in New York harbor. In those years, it would be my only encounter with the suburbs. And there, for maybe a dime on any Saturday afternoon, I could join the kids from military families at … Continue reading “How the Pentagon Snatched Innovation From the Jaws of Defeat”