The Drug War Doesn’t Work Abroad Either

As an October 20 piece in Stars and Stripes reminds us, the U.S. has been fighting a second war in Afghanistan without much success – that would be the one against poppy production. Poppies are the flower from which opium is derived, so the U.S. campaign against their growth is a not particularly surprising aspect […]

Resisting US Bases in Okinawa

They come in kayaks and canoes to protect the bay, maintain a tent city on the beach, and hold candlelight vigils. From posters to marches, songs, and a petition expressing international solidarity, Okinawan residents have left no question about their fierce opposition to construction of a new military base for the U.S. Marines on their […]

Don’t Ask the Pentagon Where Its Money Goes

President Barack Obama proudly signed the law that repealed the Pentagon’s

Battles Rage Not Far from Baghdad; 282 Killed, 116 Wounded Across Iraq

A recent surge in bombings continued in Baghdad late on Wednesday, but battles with the Islamic State militants left the most casualties. At least 282 were killed there and elsewhere across Iraq. Another 116 were wounded.

Leslie Gelb Is Right

Amid all the hysteria surrounding the rise of the Islamic State in the Levant (ISIS), even the most frantic have usually refrained from calling for "boots on the ground," i.e. the re-invasion of Iraq. Except for John McCain, at most they say we need to arm the Syrian rebels (the "good" ones, mind you), step […]

Will the US Go to ‘War’ Against Ebola?

Originally posted at TomDispatch. These days, two “wars” are in the headlines: one against the marauding Islamic State and its new caliphate of terror carved out of parts of Iraq and Syria, the other against a marauding disease and potential pandemic, Ebola, spreading across West Africa, with the first cases already reaching the United States […]

58 Killed, 45 Wounded Across Iraq; Militiamen Boldly Operate Under Own Terms

At least 58 people were killed and 45 were wounded across Iraq on Wednesday. Bombers struck in Baghdad, again.

Britain’s Phantoms of the Past in Palestine

It would be intellectually dishonest to reflect on the British House of Commons’ vote of October 13, on a Palestinian state without digging deeper into history. Regardless of the meaning of the non-binding motion, the parliamentary action cannot be brushed off as just another would-be country to recognize Palestine, as was the Swedish government’s decision […]

A Decent Respect for the Opinions of Mankind

If the British parliament had adopted a resolution in favor of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the reaction of our media would have been like this: "In an atmosphere of great enthusiasm, the British parliament adopted with a huge majority (274 for, a mere 12 against) a pro-Israeli motion…Over half the seats were […]

Turkey’s Reluctance to Help Against ISIS Should Be a Red Flag

The questionable continuance of the NATO alliance after the Cold War ended is demonstrated by Turkey’s reluctance to help against the rampaging group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The alliance was originally supposed to defend NATO members against a Soviet attack but in the post-Cold War era has expanded in territory and mission […]