Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Would all of our lives be safer if the government could break down all the doors it wishes, listen to all the conversations it could find and read whatever emails and text messages it could acquire? Perhaps. But who would want to live in such a society? To prevent that from happening here, the Framers […]

Did the Arabs Betray Palestine?

At the age of 21, I crossed Gaza into Egypt to pursue a degree in political science. The timing could have not been worse. The Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1990 had resulted in a US-led international coalition and a major war, which eventually paved the road for the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. […]

Iraq Army Advances Towards Mosul; 311 Killed Across Country

The army captured a small village near the Makhmour front lines.

Is This What’s in Those 28 Pages? And Does it Matter?

Did the CIA meet with some of the 9/11 hijackers ahead of the attacks on New York? Did the Saudi government help finance those hijackers? Someone knows the answers, and soon, you might know as well.This Summer?James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, told the New York Times the so-called “28 pages,” a still-classified section […]

Orwell’s Ghost is Laughing

What’s the difference between “boots on the ground” and military personnel wearing boots who are engaged in combat – and perhaps dying – on the ground? If you can answer that question convincingly, perhaps you’d like to apply for John Kirby’s job, because he’s not doing it very successfully. Kirby is the State Department spokesman […]

The Classified ’28 Pages’: A Diversion From Real US-Saudi Issues

The controversy surrounding the infamous “28 pages” on the possible Saudi connection with the terrorists that were excised from the joint Congressional report on the 9/11 attacks is at fever pitch. But that controversy is a distraction from the real problems that Saudi Arabia’s policies pose to the United States and the entire Middle East […]

The US Decision To Kill More Civilians in Iraq and Syria

USA Today reported on April 19 that U.S. air forces bombing Syria and Iraq have been operating under new, looser rules of engagement since last fall. The war commander, Lt. Gen. Sean McFarland, now orders air strikes that are expected to kill up to 10 civilians without prior approval from US Central Command, and US […]

94 Killed Across Iraq; Tuz Khormato Still a Battle Zone

At least 94 people were killed and 44 were wounded in recent violence. Battles are ongoing in Tuz Khormato. Parliament was able to confirm several new Cabinet members but not without chaos and infighting.

Neocons Panting for President ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis

The neocons have been in a panic this election season. One by one, their preferred choice for the Republican presidential nomination has been soundly rejected by the uncooperative American voting public. Sen. Lindsey Graham made a run for the nomination saying, “If you’re tired of war, don’t vote for me,” and nobody did. Perhaps the […]

The Hell on Earth Paved by Samantha Power’s Good Intentions

In Batman Vs. Superman, the intrepid reporter Lois Lane (played by Amy Adams), tries to expose a dastardly villain and gets herself into a deadly predicament from which Superman must save her. This has been the Lois Lane formula since 1938. But in this case, the rescue has blowback. The villain in question was an […]