US Plays Decisive Role in Israel’s Attack on Gaza

Two reporters for major US TV channels were summarily "removed" last week from covering Israel’s attack on Gaza, moments before Israel launched a ground invasion. NBC pulled out Ayman Mohyeldin, who has been widely praised for the even-handedness of his reporting from Gaza, just as he landed a harrowing scoop. He had kicked a football […]

Refugee Crisis: The Stunning Collapse of Syria’s Safe Spaces

While filming a documentary in Syria in the summer of 2003, I visited the Jaramana refugee camp near Damascus. Run by the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine, Jaramana at the time housed around 5,000 registered Palestinian refugees from the Arab-Israeli wars of 1948 and 1967 and their descendants. At Jaramana, rows of decaying […]

Iran’s Support For Maliki Dwindles As Over 200 Are Killed in Iraq

Prime Minister Maliki’s chances for a third term as premier appear to be slipping away as he loses support from Iran. At least 179 militants were reported killed. Twenty-nine other people were killed as well. Only one person was reported injured.

The New Meaning of ‘Isolationism’

Washington, D.C., is a world unto itself: inside the bubble, where politicians and their kept pundits endlessly massage each others’ egos (and bank accounts), the world is America’s oyster, to be greedily gulped and washed down with a swig of the Imperial City’s most popular intoxicant – hubris. Oblivious to the unwholesome spectacle of their […]

Israel: Occupation, War Crimes, and Apartheid

The Middle East is burning in fires of wars, violence, and destruction from Syria, to Yemen, and Iraq. But, amid all these wars, a new one has begun between Israel and the Palestinian people living in Gaza. The truth is that the war between Israel and the Palestinians is the mother of all the wars […]

288 Slain As Maliki Urges Sunni Tribes To Fight For Iraq Government

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki met with Sunni leaders today, attempting to gain their trust and help in fighting the Islamic State. Meanwhile, the fighting goes on. At least 288 people were killed. About at third of that figure was civilians or security personel. Another 154 were wounded in the attacks, which included at least one significant bombing in Baghdad.

How Bitcoin Can Stop War

Roger Ver gave this speech at Coin Congress in Singapore in May entitled “Why Bitcoin is Important for the World.” It is a sort of quick introduction into the world of Bitcoin and how Bitcoin can be a powerful tool to promote global understanding and help stop nations from conducting war. Hi everyone, my name […]

Blood, Treasure, and Soul: The Exorbitant Price of the American Empire

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when it happened, but clear evidence can be seen at least in the aftermath of World War II. Some trace the origins back to 1898 and the Spanish-American War, or even earlier to the War of 1812. And still others would say that imperial ambitions were even on the […]

Rick Perry Tries To Smear Rand Paul

Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, in an apparent attempt to begin to better his abysmal showing in the last round of presidential primaries in 2012, recently attacked the current leader in Republican polls, Rand Paul, on his perceived vulnerability – foreign policy. In the piece "Isolationist Policies Make the Threat of Terrorism Greater" in […]

257 Killed Across Iraq, Mostly In Security Ops

At least 257 people were killed, mostly militants across Iraq today. At least 50 more were wounded.