Stephen Harper’s Unprincipled and Inconsistent Foreign Policy

Over a year ago, as chaos erupted in Ukraine, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was one of the first voices to join the choir of hyperbole in the refrain that Putin’s invasion of Crimea was analogous to Hitler’s invasion of the Sudetenland. His – at the time – Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said “"The […]

Iraq Bombs, Clashes Leave 22 Dead

At least 22 were killed and 34 were wounded. In Baghdad, the number of casualties in Thursday’s hotel bombings was revised.

Secularists vs. Suicide Bombers

"What apparently happened was that the Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. … We can give them training, we can give them equipment; we obviously can’t give them the will to fight." Thus did Defense Secretary Ash Carter identify the root cause of the rout of the Iraqi army in Ramadi. Disgusted U.S. […]

Resurgence of the ‘Surge’ Myth

As American politicians and editorial writers resume their tough talk about sending more U.S. troops into Iraq, they are resurrecting the “successful surge” myth, the claim that President George W. Bush’s dispatch of 30,000 more soldiers in 2007 somehow “won” the war – a storyline that is beloved by the neocons because it somewhat lets […]

Bernie Sanders: The Ron Paul of the Left?

The entry of Bernie Sanders into the presidential sweepstakes is of interest to opponents of American militarism for two reasons: 1) He has a reputation as an “antiwar” figure, and 2) His primary opponent for the Democratic party nomination, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is arguably the most hawkish Democratic White House aspirant since the days of […]

Superpower in Distress

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Think of this as a little imperial folly update – and here’s the backstory. In the years after invading Iraq and disbanding Saddam Hussein’s military, the U.S. sunk about $25 billion into “standing up” a new Iraqi army. By June 2014, however, that army, filled with at least 50,000 “ghost soldiers,” […]

227 Killed in Iraq, Hundreds More Exhumed

In recent violence, at least 227 were killed and 59 were wounded, but 470 bodies were exhumed near Tikrit.

The Left’s Dubious Antiwar History

The media narrative today would have you believe the simple dichotomy that Republicans are pro-war and Democrats are anti-war. Or more over, that conservatives are pro-war and liberals are antiwar Well, they got the first half right, unfortunately; conservatives – particularly since the neo-conservative movement took hold – have been very pro-war. But the Left […]

Progressives Betray Struggle Against Surveillance State

A struggle of some consequence is now being waged in Congress to keep on life support the NSA’s massive spying on the American people.   And in this struggle the progressives (aka liberals) are engaged in a massive betrayal of all they profess to believe in.   Instead too many of them are scurrying about attacking Rand […]

Saving the Fourth

The Patriot Act has a bad pedigree and an evil history. In the fearful days immediately following 9/11, the Department of Justice quickly sent draft legislation to Congress that, if enacted, would have permitted federal agents to violate their oaths to uphold the Constitution by writing their own search warrants. The draft subsequently was revealed […]