78 Killed in Iraq; Bombs Rattle Baghdad, Shirqat

Bombers struck in Baghdad and Shirqat.

We May Be at a Greater Risk of Nuclear Catastrophe Than During the Cold War

“Today, the danger of some sort of a nuclear catastrophe is greater than it was during the Cold War,” warns William Perry, “and most people are blissfully unaware of this danger.” A former U.S. defense secretary from 1994 to 1997, Perry has been an inside player in the business of nuclear weapons for over 60 […]

Murder and Militias – Iraq’s Sunni-Shiite Plan After ISIS

Since ISIS’s losses of 45% of its Iraqi territory over the past two years, we may be approaching the end of the war on ISIS. The conflict’s progression nevertheless raises hard questions on the potential resurgence of Sunni insurgencies like ISIS as American and Iraqi governments have failed to rein in destabilizing groups operating in […]

Sadr Militia to Fight in Mosul; 29 Killed in Iraq

Sadr ordered his militia north to prepare to fight in Mosul.

Trump Enrages the War Party

This election season is so much fun because Donald Trump keeps enraging all the right people – and his timing is perfect. Just as the Republican convention was at its height, with his running mate up there on the podium perorating about the alleged threat of Vladimir Putin, along comes Donald with an interview in […]

From Nice to the Middle East: The Only Way To Challenge ISIS

I visited Iraq in 1999. At the time, there were no so-called “jihadis” espousing the principles of “jihadism”, whatever the interpretation may be. On the outskirts of Baghdad was a military training camp, not for “al-Qaeda”, but for “Mojahedin-e-Khalq”, an Iranian militant exile group that worked, with foreign funding and arms, to overthrow the Iranian […]

Turkey’s Baffling Coup

Military coups – successful or otherwise – follow a predictable pattern in Turkey. Political groups – typically Islamists – deemed by soldiers to be antagonistic to Kemal Atatürk’s vision of a secular Turkey gain increasing power. Tensions rise, often accompanied by violence on the streets. Then the military steps in, exercising what the soldiers claim […]

More Exposure Deaths near Shirqat; 37 Killed in Iraq

On the eve or liberation, refugees from Shirqat are dying from extreme heat.

In the US, Money Talks When It Comes to Israel

The grubby underside of US electoral politics is on show once again as the Democratic and Republican candidates prepare to fight it out for the presidency. And it doesn’t get seamier than the battle to prove how loyal each candidate is to Israel. New depths are likely to be plumbed this week at the Republican […]

The ’28 Pages’ Explained

The classified 28 Pages of the Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11 report have finally been made public, although in redacted form. It took fourteen years for the public to see this document, which was classified by the Bush Administration. The 28 Pages make it clear that the hijackers had handlers who were reporting to, funded […]