Imperial America

“May you live in interesting times” – that old (supposedly Chinese) curse seems to define the world today. “Interesting” is meant in the snarkish sense: it is a euphemism for unpleasant, or even intolerable, although in the present context I think a more appropriate term is baffling. The political elites are baffled by the rise […]

Two Generals among 75 Killed across Iraq

Two generals, one of the a Kurd, where among 75 Killed in Iraq

The Inevitability of a War President

In April, former president George W. Bush told a group of supporters that he wanted to sit out of his brother’s campaign because voters have an aversion to the Oval Office becoming a family affair. On September 10, W. will be the man in charge at a fundraiser for Jeb in New York City. Former […]

‘Islamic State’ Pretense and the Upcoming Wars in Libya

Another war is in the making in Libya: the questions are "how" and "when"? While the prospect of another military showdown is unlikely to deliver Libya from its current security upheaval and political conflict, it is likely to change the very nature of conflict in that rich, but divided, Arab country. An important prerequisite to […]

205 Killed in Iraq; Kurdish Forces Launch Major Operation

A major Peshmerga operation was launched in an area near Kirkuk. Several villages were retaken.

China and the Return of the ‘Yellow Peril’

As the US stock market was dropping 1,000 points on Monday morning, US commentators were pinning the blame on China. The Chinese economy, they said, was slowing down: what had been the “engine” of worldwide economic expansion was running out of fuel. The clear implication was that China’s rulers were somehow responsible for the sudden […]

At least 99 Killed across Iraq, including Kurdish Guerrillas

P.K.K. Guerrillas were among the 99 Killed across Iraq.

Presidents Who Have Exceeded Their Historical Reputations

Two former presidents have recently been in the news for unfavorable reasons. Recent DNA testing showed that Republican Warren Harding, already believed to have had an extramarital affair with at least one mistress, likely had a love child with another, perhaps confirming the second one’s tell-all book about their affair written in the 1920s after […]

Grant Morrison Vs. the Super-Soldiers

At this year’s Comic-Con (a huge event in the worlds of comics and superhero blockbusters), celebrated writer Grant Morrison: “…told a crowd of 2,600 that he’s done all he can with traditional superheroes. He’s sick of the ‘military entertainment complex,’ in which today’s characters always seem to be working for the government…” [Rolling Stone] The […]

Dozens Executed in Mosul; 106 Killed across Iraq

Executions took place in Mosul. Baghdad was blasted by bombs. The fighting continued in Anbar. At least 106 people were killed in this and other violence.