Restore the Fourth

If you plan to visit a college campus this month, don’t be surprised if you see signs and placards encouraging you to "Restore the Fourth." Restore the Fourth is not about an athletic event or a holiday; it is about human freedom. The reference to "the Fourth" is to the Fourth Amendment, and it is […]

Legality of Drone Warfare or Illegality of Drone Assassination?

Law professor Harold Koh, a former Yale Law School Dean and former Legal Adviser to Hillary Clinton’s State Department, hired by NYU to teach human rights and international law, recently found himself in the crosshairs when NYU law students posted a “statement of no confidence” in him based on the prior actions he undertook to […]

The Empire Comes Home

In mid-April, famed national security state journalist Glenn Greenwald gave a talk at the “Stop the Wars on Drugs and Terrorism” conference, held jointly at the University of Texas at Austin by the Future of Freedom Foundation and Young Americans for Liberty. In his speech, Greenwald made a point which, in light of recent events […]

Peshmerga Suffer Losses; 132 Killed across Iraq

The Norwegian Refugee Council’s Internal Displacement Monitoring Center revealed that 2.2 million Iraqis are among the 38 million people displaced by conflict in 2014. In many cases even the recovery of their home city does help the refugees. At least 132 were killed and 85 more were wounded.

The Media Misses the Point on ‘Proxy War’

The term “proxy war” has experienced a new popularity in stories on the Middle East. Various news sources began using the term to describe the conflict in Yemen immediately, as if on cue, after Saudi Arabia launched its bombing campaign against Houthi targets in Yemen on 25 March. “The Yemen Conflict Devolves into Proxy War,” […]

The New Age of Counterinsurgency Policing

Originally posted at TomDispatch. In the part of Baltimore hardest hit by the recent riots and arson, more than a third of families live in poverty, median income is $24,000, the unemployment rate is over 50%, some areas burnt out in the riots of 1968 have never been rebuilt, incarceration rates are sky high, 33% […]

Libertarianism For and Against War

Libertarian Reasons Against War (in no particular order): 1. War requires aggression. It’s simply irresponsible to speak of war without innocent casualties. Given the weapons, tactics, and scale of modern warfare, civilians are inevitably put in harm’s way. To separate modern warfare from innocent deaths seems to rely on an unrealistic conception of how war […]

Merchants of Hate

Neoconservative ideologue Jamie Kirchick says Pamela Geller, the well-known anti-Muslim demagogue, is an “embarrassment.” “She’s what you would get,” he writes, “if Fran Drescher and the late ultranationalist anti-Arab rabbi-turned-political leader Meir Kahane reproduced.” But why is Kirchick embarrassed? After all, what has Geller to do with him? The answer is that Geller says what […]

63 Killed across Iraq; Bombs Continue in Baghdad

At least 63 were killed and 17 were wounded.

Freddie Gray and the Western District Way

Detective Ellis Carver: What he means to say is that we are effective deterrent in the war on drugs when we are on the street. Detective Thomas Hauk (“Herc”): Fucking motherfuckers up. Carver: Indeed. Herc: Fuck the paperwork. Collect bodies, split heads. Carver: Split ‘em wide. Det. Hauk: The Western District way. Det. Carver: A’ight. […]