Democrats Use Debate To Embrace History’s Warmongers

Foreign policy has always been something of a sore spot for Democrats, who have to toe a difficult line. While less eager for war than the GOP, Democrats feel they have to look “tough” and “credible” on foreign policy, typically done by proving they’re just as ready to fight America’s supposed enemies when push comes […]

Should Henry Kissinger Mentor a Presidential Candidate?

At the February 11 Democratic Debate, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had a spirited exchange about an unlikely topic: the 92-year old former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Sanders berated Clinton for saying that she appreciated the foreign policy mentoring she got from Henry Kissinger. “I happen to believe,” said Sanders, “that Henry Kissinger was […]

Bernie Hysteria and Liberal Hypocrisy

The primary purpose of this article isn’t to make any of Bernie Sanders’ Democratic or Republican competition look comparatively good – regardless of who’s elected the next president of the United States, the builders of the American Empire, particularly weapon manufacturers, will be happy. The intent of this piece is to call out Democrats, liberals […]

It’s True – The US Already Has Boots on the Ground

In spite of all the podium-slapping cries for melting ISIS into the sand, the odd thing about campaign 2016 is how often candidates have failed to mention to the audience, the moderators, and each other whether they support ground troops sent into Syria or Iraq. Mostly, when the topic comes up with specificity, the answer […]

Shi’ite Militia Accused of Kidnapping; 91 Killed in Iraq

At least 91 people were killed in Iraq. Shi’ite militiamen are being accused of kidnapping presidential guards for ransom.

Assange’s UN Victory and Redemption of the West

Last week, the United Nations Working Group (UNWG) on Arbitrary Detention ruled that journalist Julian Assange had been subject to arbitrary detention by the Swedish and British governments and that it must end. The Center for Constitutional Rights noted the significant precedent in the law of detention and the larger implications this has, not only […]

End Draft Registration – Now!

The two worst trends in American life – militarism and political correctness – have finally come together in a call by our top military chieftains for women to be forced to register for the draft: “The top officers in the Army and Marine Corps testified on Tuesday that they believe it is time for women […]

How Republics Perish

If you believed America’s longest war, in Afghanistan, was coming to an end, be advised: It is not. Departing U.S. commander Gen. John Campbell says there will need to be US boots on the ground "for years to come." Making good on President Obama’s commitment to remove all US forces by next January, said Campbell, […]

The US Military Suffers From Affluenza

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Here’s my little joke of the month: How do you spell Pentagon? M-O-R-E. Whether it’s funny or not, it couldn’t be more accurate. And that urge for more is fed endlessly by an American military that has increasingly become the only “option” on that mythical “table” in Washington where all options […]

Thousands Homeless in Anbar; 72 Killed in Iraq

At least 72 people were killed in Iraq. Thousands of refugees from Ramadi are now homeless in neighboring Amiriyat.