Punishing the Messenger: Israel’s War on NGOs Takes a Worrying Turn

“You deserve to see your loved ones suffer and die. But, maybe, you would be hurt before them,” was part of a threatening message received by a staff member at “Al-Mezan”, a Gaza-based human rights group. The photo attached to the email was of the exterior of the activist’s home. The gist of the message: […]

Qayara Reported Liberated; 111 Killed in Iraq

Security forces say they have liberated the strategically important city of Qayara.

Let the Peace Games Begin

The contrast between the two games couldn’t be starker. On the one hand, the world’s most technologically advanced militaries and weapons systems are deployed to practice combat. On the other, despite tremendous nationalist pressure to beat the other, athletes from North Korea and South Korea competed with each other peacefully, even gracefully, in the 2016 […]

Tomas Young’s War Is the Cost of Empire

When the eulogy for the US Empire is finally written, it will not serve to glorify the exploits of the US government abroad. There won’t be a laudatory recounting of examples of the Empire spreading so-called democracy across the world by the barrel of gun, or by drone strike, or by military occupation. No one […]

The Foreign Invasion of American Politics

As one of my Twitter followers put it so succinctly: “Globalization: Where leaders from any country get to pick US Presidents.” As the Clinton campaign’s Robby Mook tears a page out of Joe McCarthy’s book and smears Donald Trump as being “Putin’s puppet,” the irony is that this election has seen foreign interference in American […]

Fighting Continues in Khalidiya; 189 Killed in Iraq

Despite claims of the liberation of Khalidiya, troops continue to fight militants there.

Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Serbia was intended to send a message that the US stood by its policies, essentially promoting Hillary Clinton’s campaign. All it managed to do, however, was dredge up the bitter memories of the 1999 NATO invasion. Before jetting off to Belgrade on August 16, Biden gave a fiery speech […]

War: The Islamic State and Western Politicians Against the Rest of Us

On July 28, London’s Central Criminal Court of England and Wales, aka “the Old Bailey,” announced the conviction of Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary on charges of “inviting support for a proscribed organization” (the Islamic State). He’ll be sentenced, likely to a long stint in prison, in September. On August 18, social networking service Twitter announced […]

Congress Must Take Action To Block Weapon Sales To Saudi Arabia

Last week, the Pentagon announced the approval of the sale of an additional $1.15 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia. The callousness of this announcement – just days after Saudi Arabia rebooted its devastating bombing campaign in Yemen – is breathtaking. The Saudi-led coalition has used American-made fighter jets, bombs and other munitions in […]

46 Killed in Iraq, Including British Demining Contractor

A British national was killed and another was wounded in a work-related incident in Ramadi.