598 Killed in Iraq; Hundreds Sickened by Sulfur Fumes

Militants set fire to a sulfur plant/mine near Mosul.

553 Killed and Executed in Iraq as Militants Attack Kirkuk

Militants shifted some of the battle to Kirkuk.

The Perpetual Killing Field

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Slaughter is all too human. Killing fields or mass burial grounds are in the archeological record from the Neolithic period (6,000 to 7,000 years ago) on. Nonetheless, with the advent of modern weaponry and industrial processes, the killing fields of the world have grown to levels that can stagger the imagination. […]

Adam Curtis: Another Manager of Perceptions

Adam Curtis’ new, near three-hour documentary HyperNormalisation, showing on BBC iplayer, is being garlanded with predictable praise from liberal commentators. As ever, Curtis joins the dots in interesting, and sometimes compelling, ways. But HyperNormalisation also continues a trend by Curtis of using his insights to present a deeply conservative, disempowering and ultimately false impression of […]

President Strangelove?

Is the Iraqi city of Mosul on the border with Syria, as Mrs. Clinton averred during the third presidential debate? No way. Exactly no one has called her out on this. I guess you have to be Gary Johnson, rather than a former Secretary of State, for the mainstream media to start mocking you over […]

US Soldier Among 126 Killed in Iraq

A bomb killed a U.S. soldier near Mosul on Thursday.

Why Is the Truth on Syria Difficult To Decipher?

“The United States has the power to decree the death of nations,” wrote Stephen Kinzer in the Boston Globe. Kinzer’s article was entitled: “The media are misleading the public on Syria.” In his piece, the scholar at a Brown University Institute contested that his country’s media misinformation on Syria is leading to the kind of […]

Lament for an Indispensable America

America’s "exceptionalism" is alive and well. It’s resurfaced wearing a wig in current presidential politics. Clinton speaks about America the "indispensable" nation. It’s high sounding fluff. What does it mean? Shall we take a stab? A crutch might be "indispensable" for a crippled man. Does Hillary Clinton have a cripple in mind? Who’s crippled? A […]

232 Killed in Iraq as Mosul Fighting Heats Up

Shi’ite militias are still trying to muscle in on Mosul.

The Death of the Two-State Solution

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Okay, here’s your quiz of the day: What country, according to the Congressional Research Service, has been the “largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II,” to the tune of $124.3 billion, and most of it military in nature? Great Britain, Germany, Japan, the Philippines? The answer: none […]