Where Is That Wasteful Government Spending?

In early September 2016, Donald Trump announced his plan for a vast expansion of the U.S. military, including 90,000 new soldiers for the Army, nearly 75 new ships for the Navy, and dozens of new fighter aircraft for the Air Force. Although the cost of this increase would be substantial – about $90 billion per […]

Fighting Ramps up in Anbar province; 112 Killed in Iraq

Fighting around Haditha and Hit is ramping up.

The New Cold Warriors Sic the FBI on Donald Trump

While we have gotten used to the neo-McCarthyite tactics employed by the Clinton campaign linking Donald Trump to the Kremlin, the whole disgraceful operation has reached a new low with the introduction of US law enforcement agencies into the mix. According to a report by Michael Isikoff – who has become the Judy Miller of […]

How the Pentagon Sank the US-Russia Deal in Syria – and the Ceasefire

Another US-Russian Syria ceasefire deal has been blown up. Whether it could have survived even with a US-Russian accord is open to doubt, given the incentives for al-Qaeda and its allies to destroy it. But the politics of the US-Russian relationship played a central role in the denouement of the second ceasefire agreement. The final […]

Do Orcs Love Their Children Too?

The World of Warcraft movie flopped in the States. That’s no great injustice. The movie isn’t exactly high fantasy. It compares miserably to “sword and sorcery” classics like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But there is one failing in Tolkien’s tales that Warcraft avoids. This flaw was pointed out by Game of Thrones creator […]

What To Do in Syria: Stop the Killing

Maybe half a million dead, half a country – 10 million people – displaced from their homes, jettisoned onto the mercy of the world. Welcome to war. Welcome to Syria. This is a conflict apparently too complex to understand. The U.S. brokered a ceasefire with Russia, then proceeded to lead a bombing strike that killed […]

Mass Executions in Mosul; 145 Killed in Iraq

Militants continue their fear campaign in Mosul.

Attack on Security Chiefs near Tikrit; 87 Killed in Iraq

Militants staged an assault on a checkpoint near Tikrit where security chiefs were traveling.

Department of Homeless Security

Busy weekend for terrorism. Nine people stabbed in a shopping mall in Minnesota (meh), and the big one in New Jersey/New York. It was there Afghan American Ahmad Rahami made up a bunch of pipe bombs and pressure cooker IEDs, distributed them in four separate locations, and set off two explosions. The one detonation in […]

The Saga of Sisyphus

Shimon Peres is a genius. A genius of impersonation. All his life he has worked on his public persona. The image replaced the man. Almost all the articles written about him since he fell ill are about the imagined person, not the real one. As the Americans like to say: He is so phony he […]