Monsters of Ukraine: Made in the USA

We’re in the summer doldrums of the news cycle, a perfect time for our government and the media – or do I repeat myself? – to drop certain inconvenient stories down the Memory Hole. My job, of course, is to retrieve them…. Remember Ukraine? I seem to recall blaring headlines about a supposedly “imminent” and […]

Where Did We the People Go?

The “P5+1” agreement with Iran basically mothballs the latter’s nuclear power activities for at least ten years.   Israel and its American loyalists, however, have ordered Congress to wreck the deal.   Congress must obey Israel’s orders.  It’s right there in the Constitution – or, at least, in the version AIPAC must be handing out to newly […]

Now the Turks Are All In

After World War II, when Stalin encroached upon Turkey and Greece, Harry Truman came to the rescue. Turkey reciprocated by sending thousands of troops to fight alongside our GIs in Korea. Turkey joined NATO and let the U.S. station Jupiter missiles in their country. When JFK secretly traded away the Jupiters for removal of the […]

Mass Grave Unearthed in Mosul; 194 Killed across Iraq

At least 194 were killed and 64 were wounded across Iraq, including dozens found in a mass grave near Mosul.

Darker Horizons Ahead: Rethinking the War on ‘IS’

As much of the Middle East sinks deeper into division between competing political camps, the so-called "Islamic State" ("IS") continues its unhindered march towards a twisted version of a Muslim caliphate. Many thousands have lost their lives, some in the most torturous ways, so that "IS" may realize its nightmarish dream. Of course, violence meted […]

Perfect American Nuclear Horror

We love nuclear horror stories in America. We love them whether they’re somber like the film On The Beach, soapy-dramatic like the cult show Jericho, or retro-future like the Fallout series of video games. We laugh at the lunatic optimism of duck and cover, and marvel at the strangeness of the (perhaps exaggerated) all-encompassing fear […]

Turkey Escalates Airstrikes; 175 Killed across Iraq

At least 175 were killed and 88 were wounded in the latest attacks. Turkey continued its airstrikes, but no casualty figures were made available.

Washington and Tehran Come in From the Cold

Every election needs an organizing catchphrase and that goes doubly for the Republican presidential race, with 16 candidates having entered the fray and more on the way. I think I have the perfect one for the moment: “You’ve been Trumped!” After all, one striking thing about the Republicans, now that they’ve morphed into the party […]

Rand Paul: Fraud, Failure, Liar

As the smoke wafted up into the already smoggy Los Angeles air, a group of young libertarians watched as Jayel Aheram burned his “Stand With Rand” t-shirts. He had two of them, a token of his former esteem for the “libertarian-ish” presidential candidate and Senator from Kentucky, whose father had inspired young Jayel to identify […]

Those Who Want War With Iran Should Explicitly Declare It

After twelve years of diplomatic confrontation between Iran and the United States and its allies, the two sides have reached a historic agreement in Vienna, Austria. Iran and P5+1 – the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany – announced that their intensive negotiations that began 20 months ago, shortly after […]