Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!

Last week President Obama admitted that his administration has not worked out a strategy on how to deal with the emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as a dominant force in the Middle East. However, as ISIS continues its march through Syria and Iraq, many in the US administration believe it […]

Hoaxes, Hype, and Hysteria

While Americans were barbecuing over the Labor Day weekend, the Usual Suspects were busy cooking up new wars, from Iraq to Ukraine. While this is nothing new – after all, evil never sleeps – one thing I did notice: the stunning lack of imagination on their part. It was, in effect, the equivalent of a […]

Why Kazakhstan Dismantled Its Nuclear Arsenal

Last week (August 29) was fifth observance of the International Day Against Nuclear Tests. One of the first decrees of President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, upon the country gaining independence in 1991, was the historic decision to close, on Aug. 29 the same year, the Semipalatinsk Nuclear test site, the second largest in the world. […]

95 Killed across Iraq As Security Forces Reach Turkmen Town

At least 95 people were killed and 25 more were wounded. Amerli was liberated with, apparently, no casualties. However, a suicide bomber killed 37 people in Ramadi as militants may have consolidated gains there. Security forces have reached Amerli, but many of the roads into town remain impassible due to booby-traps. The predominantly Turkmen city […]

Fight for Turkmen Town Unfolding As 200 Are Killed across Iraq

At least 200 people were killed and 65 were wounded across Iraq. Most of the dead were militants and their numbers could be much higher as U.S. airstrikes continued. Also, a long awaited battle to help Amerli is already in the works and dozens have been killed.

A Free Society Must Give Up Empire

If Americans want a free society at home, then they must convince the U.S. government to give up its global empire. The militarized police recently on display in Ferguson was no freak coincidence: Antiwar activists and other civil libertarians have been warning for decades that an aggressive US foreign policy would eventually destroy domestic liberties. […]

Bitcoin Is the Solution to the Military Industrial Complex

The past 100 years has seen the advent and spread of the disease with the highest death count of all time: the military industrial complex. The most evil, murderous, relentless force the world has ever seen is the partnership between defense contractors, weapons manufacturers, and R&D developers with the state. This dynamic duo of death […]

The War for Nothing

After 50 days, the war is over. Hallelujah. On the Israeli side: 71 dead, among them 66 soldiers, 1 child. On the Palestinian side: 2,143 dead, 577 of them children, 263 women, 102 elderly. 11,230 injured. 10,800 buildings destroyed. 8,000 partially destroyed. About 40,000 damaged homes. Among the damaged buildings: 277 schools, 10 hospitals, 70 […]

Full Spectrum Dominance, the European Press and the Impending Demise of the EU

Last Saturday, Angela Merkel went to Kiev to pledge increased financial and political support for the coup-installed regime’s war against separatist forces in the eastern and largely Russian-speaking part of Ukraine. Seldom in recent history – and that is saying a lot – have we witnessed a more transparently stupid, and in the final analysis, […]

220 Killed, 130 Wounded Across Iraq

least 220 people were killed and 131 more were wounded today. Meanwhile, 1.6 million Iraqis are internally displaced, according to the International Organization for Migration. That is, they have been forced to flee fighting near the homes and head for safety in other areas.