Who Hacked the DNC?

We haven’t seen this kind of hysteria since the darkest days of the cold war: a spy scare that is being utilized by one political party against another in a national election, with charges of disloyalty and even “treason” being hurled by one side against the other. The publication of the Democratic National Committee’s emails […]

Wild Turkey With H-Bombs: Failed Coup Heightens Calls for Denuclearization

An explosive cocktail of political instability mixed with 90 U.S. H-bombs raises the specter of accidental or suicidal nuclear detonation in or near Turkey. This risk was brought into sharp relief by the attempted military coup there in mid-July. In June, I warned that the Pentagon’s 180 thermonuclear B61 gravity bombs deployed across Europe – […]

Child Among Execution Victims; 68 Killed in Iraq

A child and several women were among a group of people executed for trying to escape Daesh territory.

Farewell to Yarmouk: A Palestinian Refugee’s Journey from Izmir to Greece

Based on interviews with Palestinian refugees from Syria. The refugee camp of Yarmouk was ever present in his being, pulling him in and out of an abyss of persistent fears that urged him to never return. But what was this refugee without Yarmouk, his first haven, his last earth? How could any other spot in […]

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: Potential Partners – Not Allies or Even Friends

Reporters and pundits covering the presidential campaign of Donald Trump have been torn between two conflicting narratives: The first is that Trump is a reckless amateur and, as president with his finger on the nuclear button, he would bring the world to the brink of catastrophe. The second is that Trump is a cat’s paw […]

Mass Grave Found in Fallujah; 125 Killed in Iraq

Authorities reported finding a mass grave in Fallujah.

The Ghosts of Direct Action

In early 2009 I was walking away from a compound a platoon from the Second Ranger Battalion had just assaulted when a staff sergeant I knew held up something in the dark.  I couldn’t tell exactly what it was.  It was small and he was bragging about it.  I tried to make it out but […]

How to Arm a ‘Volatile’ Planet

Originally posted at TomDispatch. As is often the case, I opened the Monday newspaper curious to find out how the weekend had gone at the movies. The headline read, “‘Ghostbusters’ Is No. 2 Behind ‘Secret Life of Pets.’” That meant Universal Studios’ animated film had again been the big winner, taking in an estimated $50.6 […]

74 Killed in Iraq, Including Family Fleeing ISIS

A family of five that included four girls was killed trying to escape Daesh territory.

Intervention Fail: ISIS Makes Bloody Gains in Post ‘Liberation’ Afghanistan

Shortly after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in 1996 (their rise to power itself a result of the 1979 Soviet intervention in Afghanistan), we began to hear endless stories of the horrors of this student movement turned governing power. They ruled by Sharia law, they treated women badly, they even blew up ancient statues! […]