Clean Break to Dirty Wars

To understand today’s crises in Iraq, Syria, Iran, and elsewhere, one must grasp their shared Lebanese connection. This assertion may seem odd. After all, what is the big deal about Lebanon? That little country hasn’t featured prominently in the headlines since Israel deigned to bomb and invade it in 2006. Yet, to a large extent, […]

War Crimes? Us???

War is the business of killing the "enemy", in order to impose your will on them. Therefore, "humane war" is an oxymoron. War itself is a crime. There are few exceptions. I would exempt the war against Nazi Germany, since it was conducted against a regime of mass murderers, led by a psychopathic dictator, who […]

Militants Execute Their Own in Anbar; 153 Killed across Iraq

At least 153 were killed and 37 were wounded across Iraq.

The Human Rights Crisis: A Problem Of Perception?

When Israel is criticized about its rights-abusive policies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the refrain most often heard among local politicians is that the government’s hasbara – the Israeli propaganda machine – is inadequate. The problem, in other words, is not what Israel actually does to the Palestinians, but rather the inability to […]

The Obergefell Effect: Gay Marriage and US Foreign Policy

No matter what one thinks of the historic Supreme Court decision establishing the right of gay couples to marry, it is bound to have an effect on the conduct of US foreign policy – perhaps quite a substantial one. The United States is a global empire: what we do impacts the world at large, and […]

‘Hi, I’m Uncle Sam and I’m a War-oholic’

It was the summer of 2002. The Bush administration’s top officials knew that they were going into Iraq in a big way. They were then in planning mode, but waiting until fall to launch their full-throttle campaign to persuade Congress and the American people to back them. As White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, […]

192 Killed in Iraq; Mass Grave from 1991 Yielding Hundreds of Bodies

A mass grave dating to the 1991 Shi’ite Uprising was excavated in Basra province. It gave up at least 377 victims. In current violence, at least 192 were killed and 61 were wounded.

More Bombs for Baghdad; 129 Killed in Iraq

Iraq announced the arrest of senior Saddam administration official Abd al-Baqi al-Saadun. At least 129 were killed and 42 were wounded.

The Pentagon Slush Fund

Back in 1959, President Eisenhower and Soviet Premier Khrushchev took a break from their summit and walked in the woods around Camp David. Khrushchev, in his memoirs, relates a conversation in which the president complains of how hard it is to resist the military’s demands for more money. Military leaders, said Eisenhower, invariably insist the […]

After He Leaves, What Will They Say About Obama’s Foreign Policy?

With only eighteen months remaining, Barack Obama’s foreign policy legacy will be much debated after he leaves the White House. Excluding our crackpots and bigots, historians, memoirists and biographers will surely take into account the challenges he faced because of the two wars he inherited – one of which, Afghanistan, he always supported. Even so, […]