As a Muslim and Iranian-American I Am Delighted Netanyahu Will Speak to Congress

I am delighted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be speaking before the US Congress. Then everyone will be able to see clearly his objective: Yet another war in the Middle East for which Americans will bear the burden and pay the price – this time with Iran. Netanyahu will be speaking to a joint […]

Who Killed Boris Nemtsov?

Practically no one in the West doubts the murder of once-rising reform politician Boris Nemtsov was the work of Vladimir Putin, and/or his allies in government. If Putin didn’t give the direct order, the pundits say, the Russian leader created the "atmosphere of hatred" directed at the Russian opposition, of which Nemtsov was a half-forgotten […]

Department of Homeland Security: What Is It Good For?

Late Friday night, Congress passed legislation funding the Department of Homeland Security for one week. This vote followed weeks of debate over efforts to attach a prohibition on funding President Obama’s executive order granting amnesty to certain illegal immigrants to the Homeland Security funding bill. Despite the heated rhetoric from both sides, no one seriously […]

Iraq: 4,134 Killed in February; Major Operation Begins in North

Casualty figures for February were released by the United Nations on Sunday. Although the number of dead dropped, the figures for March could be significantly higher now that the battle for Salah ad-Din province has begun.

Heavy Clashes and Bombings Leave 97 Dead, 127 Wounded in Iraq

The Islamic State militants staged a multi-faceted attack on Samarra where pro-Iraqi forces are gathering ahead of an operation to recover the city of Tikrit and other areas along the Tigris River.

MSM Spins Theory That Putin Hijacked MH370 and Landed It in Kazakhstan

Anti-Russia propaganda over Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was bad enough. Now one CNN aviation analyst is blaming Russia for the missing MH370 plane as well – and the Western press is eating it up. Malaysia Airlines MH370 vanished in March last year, shortly after departing from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing. Efforts to find […]

How the US Fuels Authoritarianism in the Horn of Africa

Gathering world leaders for a cause is seldom an easy task. Last month, Paris saw one of the biggest solidarity displays after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. The Paris events were so shocking internationally because they targeted one of the bastions necessary for any functioning democracy: freedom of expression. But while joining the #JeSuisCharlie march […]

Another US ‘Success Story': The Creation and Abandonment of Kosovo

Kosovo is falling apart at the seams, with it thousands of its citizens seeking desperately to escape life there by any means possible. Haven’t heard about that one? Perhaps that’s because the U.S. is almost wholly responsible for creating an independent Kosovo, and from there, the brutal and corrupt power structure that lords cruelly over […]

String of Bombings in Baghdad; 47 Killed across Iraq

A report released by Minority Rights Group International outlines the abuses and war crimes that minority ethnic groups in Iraq are suffering at the hands of Islamic State militants. At least 43 people were killed and 47 were wounded.

GOP Platform: War Without End

If the sadists of ISIS are seeking – with their mass executions, child rapes, immolations, and beheadings of Christians – to stampede us into a new war in the Middle East, they are succeeding. Repeatedly snapping the blood-red cape of terrorist atrocities in our faces has the Yankee bull snorting, pawing the ground, ready to […]