Yemen Policy Is Creating More Terrorists

As Iraq finally pries the death grip of the Islamic State off of its bloodied form, you’d think US policy would reflect the lessons learned from killing innocent civilians and destroying the basic functions of a nation. Instead, more than a decade of using drones to “target” suspected terrorists, the Trump administration has now opened … Continue reading “Yemen Policy Is Creating More Terrorists”

The Story Behind the Jerusalem Attack: How Trump and Netanyahu Pushed Palestinians Into a Corner

Early October 2016, Misbah Abu Sbeih left his wife and five children at home and then drove to an Israeli police station in Occupied Palestinian East Jerusalem. The 39-year-old Jerusalemite was scheduled to hand himself over to serve a term of 4 months in jail for, allegedly, trumped up charges of "trying to hit an … Continue reading “The Story Behind the Jerusalem Attack: How Trump and Netanyahu Pushed Palestinians Into a Corner”

Anticipating the Forthcoming PBS Documentary, ‘The Vietnam War’

Much has been written and many documentaries made about the American War in Vietnam including the highly acclaimed 1983 effort by PBS, Vietnam: A Television History. Though not without its shortcomings, this 13-part documentary series was well crafted, meticulously researched, carefully balanced and thought-provoking. In September 2017, PBS will air the highly anticipated – seemingly … Continue reading “Anticipating the Forthcoming PBS Documentary, ‘The Vietnam War’”

How To Sustain Perpetual War (It’s Easy, Hide the Bodies)

Sustaining America’s state of post-9/11 perpetual war requires skillful manipulation of the public at home. The key tool used for this purpose is the bloodless narrative, a combination of policy, falsehoods and media manipulation that creates the impression that America’s wars have few consequences, at least for Americans. How can the American government sustain its … Continue reading “How To Sustain Perpetual War (It’s Easy, Hide the Bodies)”

The ‘Foreign Meddling’ Double-Standard

We’re all supposed to be outraged by alleged Russian “meddling” in the 2016 election, despite the fact that no actual evidence of such interference has been made public. First it was “17 intelligence agencies” supposedly confirmed that Moscow was behind the DNC/Podesta email releases, and then it was down to just three – with the … Continue reading “The ‘Foreign Meddling’ Double-Standard”

James Mattis Doesn’t Understand Iran or ‘Moderate Arab Regimes’

During his presidential campaign Donald Trump repeatedly expressed his desire not to get the United States involved in another destructive war in the Middle East. He expressed his opposition to the invasion of Iraq in 2003; he was opposed to the NATO intervention in Libya [although he had originally supported the wars in both Libya … Continue reading “James Mattis Doesn’t Understand Iran or ‘Moderate Arab Regimes’”

AIPAC Still Our Biggest Foreign Agent

Alleged Russian meddling in the US electoral process will be the subject of a Senate Judiciary Hearing on Wednesday. The hearing is titled "Oversight of the Justice Department’s (Non) Enforcement of the Foreign Agents Registration Act: Lessons from the Obama Administration and Current Compliance Practices." In 1938 the U.S. Congress passed the Foreign Agents Registration … Continue reading “AIPAC Still Our Biggest Foreign Agent”